Building an Ideal Workspace

I worked on refining the workspace over the weekend, and I documented this with a few photographs… below is my attempt at time-lapse photography. As you can see in the transition, my office also served as a storage room for all of the clutter in my house. I am an ardent list-maker, and there were lists scattered all over the desk and the floor. The desk and table were not aligned in such a way that maximized space. Gradually, I sorted through a lot of old binders and notebooks from my master’s program and found a new home for them. … Continue reading Building an Ideal Workspace

Does where we live make us happy?

I stumbled upon this index of “Happiest American Cities” and it got me to thinking about just what exactly makes me happy to live where I live. East Lansing, Michigan, is not the kind of place I brag about living. It’s not “where it’s at,” but for me, it has what I need: I walk to work each day, I enjoy my job and my education at Michigan State, and I have been satisfied by the relationships I have formed with the many people I have met in the past half-year. It doesn’t have the vibrancy and diversity a huge … Continue reading Does where we live make us happy?