CEP 917 – Knowledge, Media, and Design

This will be the home for work that I am doing as part of CEP 917 – Knowledge, Media, and Design.  This course is taught by Punya Mishra and Danah Henriksen.  The concept of open, shared work governs this page.  By sharing my work in the public domain, it makes it possible to share my thoughts and ideas with others… as opposed to hiding it and keeping it between student and professor.

Applying design thinking to a problem of practice: Redesign of a graduate-level online course

December 4 – Final Reflection

How I incorporated design-based thinking into my “scholarly ways of being”

November 27 – Mapping our emotions

What is the emotional experience of dining out?

The emotional experience of dining out.

The emotional experience of dining out: CEP917-Emotion-Map (high resolution PDF)

October 30 – The Process of Design (Podcast)


October 2, 2012 – Essential Nuisance – The role and the life of the bicycle at MSU and beyond

Essential Nuisance (opens as an iPad-optimized PDF document)

This photo essay examines the importance of the bicycle at Michigan State University, and how its ubiquity exposes many of the design flaws of the university

September 2012 – Flat-pack couch

I just purchased a new couch from Ikea.  I enjoy flat-pack design, because it does give the designer some good constraints to work with.  Here’s a quick slide-show.

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